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U18 Girls Camp

U18 Girls CampFemale U18 Camp RegistrationSome questions have been asked, and I want to make sure everybody gets the same answers..Do we still registe...

BC HOCKEY NEWS - Kerry Park and Prince George to Host Summer Skills Camps

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 28, 2016Media Contact: Sean Orr 250.544.3231Kerry Park and Prince George to Host Summer Skills Camps BC Hoc...

North East Regional Hockey Program Presentation invitation

North East Regional Hockey Program Fort St John (click here)North East Regional Hockey Program Dawson Creek (click here)

Minor Hockey Association of the Year.

The Fort St. John Minor Hockey Association has been awarded BC Hockey’s Frank Spring Award for Minor Hockey Association of the Year.
Posted on Tue, Jun 14, 2016

Best Performance Sports Training Camps

Best Performance Summer Hockey Camps Registration is now open

Greetings everyone we are happy to announce that our summer hockey schools are now open for registration.  All info for the various camps we are offering can be downloaded below or found on our website at
We are really excited to get to work at making your young athletes the best they can be and to get the most enjoyment they can out of the game we love.  
WARNING: These camps will fill up very quickly as there are limited spots available.  If you live around Fort St. John you can fill in registration forms and drop of payment at Ernie's Sports Experts.  If you live outside of Fort St. John please email Phil at to reserve your spot.  
This year we are offering 4 different camps

1.  Competitive Bantam Camp August 21st to 25th - Click Here For Details

2.  Midget/Junior Conditioning and Prep Camp - August 21st to 25th - Click Here For Details

3.  Novice - Peewee Day Camp August 22nd to 26th - Click Here For Details

4.  Power Skating Camp August 29th to September 2nd - Click Here For Details

Thank you very much for your time, enjoy your summer and we can't wait to get to work in late August.

-The Best Performance Team


Posted on Thu, Jun 02, 2016


Meet Angelique Dechaine.  She just turned seven (7) years old in May and finished her first season of hockey in Pre Novice II in Fort St. John, BC.  Angel, as she is often referred to, is special little girl who requires a bit more attention from her coaches and help from her teammates.


She developed hearing loss at the age of two (2) and a half, suffering through many obstacles including not being able to play organized team sports and participate in extracurricular activities like her peers. She tried t-ball, but got frustrated at not being able to hear the coach when he was more than a few feet away and feeling very self conscious that she was not following instruction properly. So Angel sat on the sideline watching her three (3) siblings, content with her book and quiet hobbies. Until last year.........


At that time, the family was introduced to a new technology that might help Angel and get her playing sports. It was called iSense and worked as a microphone worn by the teacher directly into a hearing aid the Angel could wear. It was amazing! However, it was only allowed to be used at school.  So her family fundraised very hard to raise $5,000 for Angel to have a iSense that she could use outside of the classroom.  Last summer, Angel's parents purchased them for her.


"I remember so clearly asking her what she wanted to do now that she could participate in any activity she wanted," said Angel's mom Christina. "I expected her to pick gymnastics or dance - she was such a quiet, sweet thing. But she looked up at me with determination and said 'I want to play hockey!' I was shocked."


None of Angel's three (3) siblings or her parents play hockey - they don't even watch it on TV, so they questioned her choice. "Where did this come from?" Christina added.


Angel was determined to play hockey, so Christina borrowed some hockey gear from a friend and signed her daughter up for a all girls Lace Up event at their local arena.


Image removed by sender.Angel used her iSense and one (1) person skated beside her with the microphone, relaying the information.


"The coaches were so amazing with her. She felt confident, and you should have seen her smile! After that, every day she asked if she could play hockey."


So Christina signed her up for Pre Novice, but was so nervous about Angel's hearing loss and worried that she might feel frustrated again. "We had had a few bad experiences with coaches from other sports waving her off and not expecting her to be able to perform like the other kids.  Not taking the time to make sure she could hear what was going on."


Christina talked to the coaches on the first day and every coach already knew about Angel's hearing loss and were excited to help and teach her. "That first day I watched her and my stomach was in knots.  As a mother I just wanted to go on the ice and whisper in her ear, so she wasn't left out. But honestly, that first day the coaches brought tears to my eyes."


At each station, the coaches knelt down to her eye level and made sure she understood the instruction. No one tried yelling at her or herding her with the other kids. She was an individual deserving of their attention just as much as everyone else.


At the end of practice, the team gathered for a group huddle. Angel ended up in the back. "My heart sank a bit because I knew she wouldn't be able to hear what the coach was saying." One (1) of the coaches spotted her and skated her to the front. "I will admit - I cried a bit when I saw that. Here I am, sitting in the bleachers, tearing up because a coach had taken the time to care about what my daughter needed."


Angel's confidence grew tremendously this past season. She was so happy to be a valuable member of her team. Never once was she left out or pushed to the side because she couldn't hear.


Hat's off and koodos to the coaching of the Fort St. John Pre Novice II team - you have made a impact on Angel's life that her and her family are so grateful for. You encouraged her, made her feel accepted and taught her the great game of hockey.

Posted on Thu, May 26, 2016




Coach Applications can be located on the FSJ website and on the bulletin board outside the Minor Hockey office located in the Pomeroy Sport Centre.

All applications must be returned to the FSJ Minor Hockey office by May 30 via fax, scan, email, dropbox (located outside the Minor Hockey office) or mail.  Coach interviews and coach selection will be done after players are down to remaining 20 players.  All coaches applying will work together as a unit in conjunction with the Rep Directors for player evaluations and team selection.  Coach applicants will not be on ice helpers or evaluators of their own child’s Division.

All coach applicants within one Division will meet and pick twotournaments to apply for upcoming seas

• one Executive member will be part of meetings concerning team selection
all on ice help must have current criminal record check 
• coaches who have applied must assist in conductingtryouts in a Division they are not applying for
a tryout package & guidelines will be given to coach to follow
• evaluators will use formal evaluations provided by FSJ Minor Hockey
• player selection will be based on evaluation and presented to competitive directors for approval
if there is player conflict, other executive members will be put in place
player evaluation ranking will be available upon request of parent
coach may pick final forward and defense player; if they are not within player evaluations the coach must provide information to support his request
• final 20 will be posted on the website
• final exit interviews will be done with coach and one executive member


Any questions please contact the FSJ Minor Hockey office.

Thank – you,

Fort St. John Minor Hockey


FSJ Minor Hockey Office:Box 6356 Fort St. John, BC V1J 4H8 (250) 787-7133 Fax (250) 787-7134Pomeroy Sports Centre, 9324-96th Street



Posted on Sun, Apr 17, 2016

Trackers Coach Application

Fort St. John Trackers are looking for applications for a Head Coach for the 2016/2017 season.

Any takers please contact Brant Leer

Posted on Tue, Apr 05, 2016

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Pomeroy Hotel sponsors $5000 towards tournaments, Thank you!!